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Here at Money Drill, we are teens producing our own content teaching other teens about financial literacy. Our goal is to ensure that young people understand what is necessary to pursue their aspirations. Our research showed us many young people want money, but many are unmotivated and unsure of where to start. We are not here to guarantee millionaires, but we can guarantee knowledge. Our video topics range from topics such as but not limited to financing, banking, accounting, and investing. Money Drill is based out of Yonkers, New York and our goal is to help teens throughout the United States. We provide two different packages consisting of our standard deal and we also provide our exclusive “Remedic Stacks” deal. While our company is still growing, we plan to add more deals and packages. Join us on our journey so success.​



Meet the Speakers

Tony Selby

Marketing Manager at Finclvr

Anne Berna

Marketing Analyst at Finclvr

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What You Will Learn

How to identify which tools and services will upgrade your business.

Tips and tricks to manage your finances more efficiently.

How to overcome hesitancy related to fraud, privacy and security.

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